The Ask Idea is a blog which I started in DEC 2017. I am Student and working as a freelancer in content writing and blog developing as well. I started my career in 2016, within this year I worked upon different niches to improve the skills. Main Focus of creating my blog is to share ideas on Tattoos Pictures Blog, Quotes Blog, Piercings Idea Blog, Hairstyles Blog Hair Color, DIy idea. The basic idea behind starting this blog is to provide a platform where anyone can share or ask ideas about anything related to Travel Blogs/food Blogs and tech Blogs.

Why Ask ideas ?

In commencing period I faced many problems while deciding that weather my ideas related to Tattoos Pictures Blog , Quotes Blog, Piercings Idea Blog, Hairstyles Blog Hair Color, DIy ideas will work or not? or is this the right way to do a certain job or not? But I gave my best shot to provide this platform to you guys where you can find different types of area of your interest.

Sometimes we face issues, to get rid of those issue we google those issues and google provide us number of solutions for the same in different websites or web-pages. while scrolling those pages we get confuse that which idea would be best so here is the best solution where we are providing one platform to resolve those mix and match queries or different ideas. to get rid of scrolling those 100 or 200 pages for different ideas we have created this Blog- The ASK Idea 🙂

Now the question is where you can share your this blogs or your expert opinion or ideas.

Will make your own website: Expensive, Time consuming.
On Facebook: Will reach to your friends and family only : Your idea will get spread globally and will also get expert reviews to make your ideas better.