First Amazing Dancing House In Prague
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First Amazing Dancing House In Prague

Dancing House (Tančící dům) is set in a fine area by the Vltava River in Prague. Its outline is interesting, and particularly striking in the downtown area since it is a cutting edge building encompassed by noteworthy design.

Moving House was developed between 1992-1996. It has brave, surprising diagrams, which drove its designers Vlado Milunic and the American Frank Owen Gehry to at first name it the “Fred and Ginger Building”, after the amazing move couple.

The best floor of Dancing House is the main piece of the building open to the general population, and is home to one of the city’s driving eateries: the Ginger and Fred Restaurant.

Ginger and Fred presents a delightful universal menu complimented by wonderful perspectives over Prague. Burger joints watch out in all encompassing magnificence over the stream, to Charles Bridge, and to Prague Castle.

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