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Real Fact About The Earth History Of Human Life

4500 Year ago to Present life started on earth

3.8 million year ago to Present Fact About The Earth

More than 3.8 Million years ago the evolution of gases & rock particles come together to form the planet earth. It was like fire-ball it takes many years to cool down. That time there was no ocean oxygen. Due to asteroids fall look like melting rocks and after a long time asteroids falling is less. The melting rocks get harden & took hard shape & the lava from volcano given new face to earth the gases from volcano like Co2 & N2 Come together & formed the atmosphere and potential rain started the rain over millions of year formed oceans.

Earth Picture of life started on earth

Over 4000 crores years age inside ocean’s life started taking place. Gases present in water like H2, N2, C2 For amino acids. About 3500 years Ago Some Plants growing due, to the presence of sunlight the plants started doing photo synthetic and start producing o2. After some time Organisms Like protozoa Form one Simple Making Huge organisms.

First Plant On Earth Real Fact About The earth

First plant on earth

About 60 crores year Ago In Cambrian Ocean In vertebrate organism start Developing whom do not have backbone, In Ordovician ocean organism with backbone start developing.

About 43 crores year Ago Finished with jaws bade. Developed and about 40 crores years ago lungs fish & Star developing.

About 35 Crores Years Age Some organism Started Moving Towards Land & Become Amphibian.

When Dinosaurs Born

dinosaur picture before life started on earth

In Permian periods about 25 Crores year ago reptile came towards laddering trio sic period about 25-20 crore years ago dinosaur which are small & Fast. In Jurassic periods about 20 crores year ago Large Dinosaurs Diplodocus & Brontosaurus starts developing. About 14 crores years ago Pteranodon with 50 Feet wing started developing and was first fling carnivores organism.

Life Recycle Started to End

History of life on Earth Recyle

In Cretaceous period about 14-8 crores.year ago triceratops in the end of Cretaceous period. Due to the strike of asteroid on earth large explosion take place the food chain got destroyed and due to the broke down of food chain the dinosaur got extinct. Due to the extinction of dinosaur the process of mammals start developing.

About 2.5 crore years ago first stag of hominoids come.About 1.5 crores year ago prehistoric man (Adimanav) Called ramapitheous Live Here Who Gone extinct after sometime.Adimanav Food

 Adimanav Life and Foods

About 40 lakhs year ago Australopithecus an extinct species found in Africa. The people who made hand made weapons or substance found in Africa in about 25 lac year age (Homo Habits).

Straight Standing posture people found in about 18 lac year ago who knows the use of five Homo erectus. Homo Sapiens got found in Africa in about 2 lakhs year ago.

Adimanav On earth

Nowadays human beings be present at all states the technology had reached very high even in spaces.

So this Is the history of our earth and fact about the earth.

4500 year ago Picture Of Earth


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